Dean Gossen

The first thing everyone says is (MAN I HATE MY JOB!!!!!!!) Not me! I was born to do what I do. I love it!!!! And I can’t imagine doing anything else. With the dream of my dad Wilf, and the support of my wife Wendy, the dream to work as an owner operator became a no brainer!! With 28 years as Executive Chef, and Wendy’s skills and experience in front of the house and marketing for the last 20 years we are confident we can bring a new twist to the food truck community.

I started as a dishwasher at Ponderosa Restaurant back in the 80’s and that’s when I knew kitchen work was for me. From there I went to the Ramada and started as an apprentice and met Bernie Germain! Within three Years of apprenticing and attending NAIT I worked my way up to Sous chef under Wayne Sand .Two years later I became chef. While I was Chef at the Sheridan I also accept the Chef position at Royal Inn West Edmonton. I ran both kitchens for 9 months. 15 years later I was still at the Royal Inn. I tried a few other Executive Chef jobs in the city, but found that the corporate world SUCKED the life out of me and I couldn’t handle the mismanagement from those above me.

My dad told me “we should buy a food truck” 18 years ago and I scoffed at him. I should have listened, where would I be now? My goal is to build a unique catering and food truck company with multiple specialty trucks in Edmonton and Las Vegas. After many years in the business I have learned how important locally sustained products are to the industry. We support them and in turn they support us and the community around us. We are also very aware of leaving our environmental foot print out there. So no fear we are ON IT!!!!!!

Here’s to the next chapter in my life!!!!

BITE ME!!!!!

Dean -- Executive Chef/Owner


Wendy Gossen

Hi I'm Wendy, I am Dean’s wife; you can call me Executive Wife… lol. I met Dean over 20 yrs ago when we worked in a hotel together. We flirted for a while until he eventually asked me out for coffee. The rest is history. Dean has worked in large hotels in this city for yrs and finally decided he no longer wanted to work for the man, we agreed to buy a food truck and my daughter Janaya worked with him for the fall of 2012. When it came to 2013 I had to make the decision to leave my guaranteed paycheque job to work with him or let him experience his adventure on his own. Well.... I took the plunge and quit to work for the unknown. Who would have known it was the best decision I ever made. Sure the hours can be long and the sleep is scarce, but it's a job with huge rewards that allow us the satisfaction of serving some of Edmonton finest foodies. Here is to another decade of happy customers


Wilf Gossen (Dad)

I'm Wilf, I've been Deans dad all his life. I'm a welder by trade, and a retired co-op taxi owner/driver. I have 2 children Sheila and Dean and 8 wonderful grandchildren. Not to mention 2 great grandchildren.

Dean has made me very proud in his discussion to become a Chef. He has worked very hard to climb to the top and when he came to me 20 years after I suggested getting a food truck I backed him all the way. We went to Calgary and picked out Bully. That was the easy part, after that came months of tweaking to make sure everything was ready. Looking back now, it seems like it was just yesterday that we bought the Big boy. But Bully Food Truck and I have come a long way. We both has major fixing to get us right, but now I'm the CEO ( in my sons eyes anyway) and proud father of my son and daughter in law.
Wilf Gossen December 26 1938 - April 1, 2018.
Miss You Dad!

Colin Jang

I have worked in the hospitality industry for five years. In 2010 I graduated from NAIT's renowned culinary arts program and received red seal certification. While attending school I worked at a hotel as part of my required work experience. Dean seized this opportunity to hire me as a employee. The opportunity helped kick start my culinary career.  After a few years at the hotel I found myself searching for a new start, a different medium to display my hard working abilities. This opportunity presented itself when Dean and Wendy started up Bully Food Truck and gave me the opportunity to participate in the food truck craze which has brought me joy and fulfillment. My passion for food stems from the happiness of others and being able to deliver the highest quality of experience. I would also like to thank our food truck supporters. The people who come to the truck bring great attitudes, huge smiles, and a love of food which makes it entirely worth while.

Karen Kwong

Hi there! My name is Karen and I’m super excited to be introducing myself as a new addition to Bully's team. I am an avid food lover who started out as a prep cook at the age of 16 working for a family restaurant. My experience at the restaurant helped stem my passion for food and I ended up enrolling in the Culinary Arts program at NAIT to learn more about the culinary world. After graduating in 2008, I've had the opportunity to practice my skills in a variety of kitchen settings and positions including a hotel (where I met Dean and Colin), a fine dining restaurant, and currently as a sous chef at a private club. When Dean and Wendy asked me if I could help out with Bully last summer, I was thrilled. Working in their food truck was not only fun, but it was definitely a new environment that provided some great experience for me. Now summer is on its way and I cannot wait to hit the road with them again and share this experience with all of you fellow Edmonton food truck lovers!!


Kaity Kennedy

Hi, I'm Kaity Kennedy: The best (adopted) daughter ever! I met Wendy many years ago when we worked together at a different job. We both had a mutual bond towards each other so she took me under her wing and made me her new 3rd daughter. Wendy and Dean asked me if I would help them out with some catering and I haven't looked back since. This girl loves the Bully truck and the Bully people, as much as you love the Bully food. Satisfaction guaranteed!


Nathan Fn' Reis

Hi my name is Nathan. I met Wendy and Dean through one of the most fantastic people on the face the earth!!! I loved them instantly for their mutual love of life and food... Dean and Wendy both asked me if I would help them out with some catering, I was happy to help out and.....At the end of the day they fed me once and have not been able to get rid of me ever since:)

Laura She'Ra

Hi my name is Laura, they call me "She ra" that's right the woman of strength. I met Wendy many yrs ago; she hired me at the last job we worked at. I think my personality was the reason I was hired. But I'm glad it worked. We have been friends ever since. When Wendy and Dean started Bully Food Truck they asked me if I would help them with catering and other huge events. It was a blast. I don't think of them as bosses, just my friends who feed me and my family well when the catering is over.

The Big Boy

I was never a delivery van or any other crap. I came to Dean, Wendy and Wilf as a well used food truck. I was tired and well used. I am 26 feet long/ 8 feet wide I have 383 cubic inches with 330 HP and 460 FT torque. Since I was adopted I have acquired a new engine, tires, windshield, refrigeration, stove, generator and a sweet make up air unit, a new bright orange wrap and a kick ass new name. I have come a long way and sure like my new life!!

The Family

Here's our extended Bully Family

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