Bully Mac

A Blend of 6 different Cheeses all Married together to make our Signature Cheese Sauce, on top of our already creamy Baked Mac n Cheese

Add on Options: (when available)

-Lobster -Pulled pork -Shrimp

-Philly -Peppercorn Meatballs -Crab -Chilly

Philly Beef

AAA Alberta Beef Brisket, slow Roasted and dry rubbed with Organic Doi Chaang Coffee. Sliced thin and combined with Onions, Peppers, nestled in a Cradle Dog topped with Bully Cheese Sauce then drizzled with Aioli

Options for bread:

-Baked Potato

-Yorkshire Pudding

Bully Bomb

AAA Alberta Beef fused together with Alberta Pork (That’s right Beef on the bottom, Pork on the top to make one Patty) topped with Bully Mac, Double Smoked Bacon and Bruschetta on a Pandasal Bun Fork and Knife required!!!

Turkey Burger

Fresh ground Local Hutterite Turkey lightly Seasoned and served with Pickled Red onions, Bruschetta, Fresh Greens, 4 Cheese blend on a Pandasal Bun

Weaved Whitefish and Salmon Burger

Lightly seasoned grilled and served on a fresh Pandasal bun with Spinach, Tomato, Pickled Onions and Lemon Aioli

Beef Bahn Mi

House cured AAA Alberta Beef Brisket slow Roasted served with Pickled Onions, Spinach, Bruschetta, Grated Carrots, Julienne Cucumbers and Pickled Red Cabbage all nestled in a Cradle Dog

Brandy Peppercorn Brie Burger

Alberta Pork seasoned with Chef’s blend of Spices, topped with Brie and smothered with Brandy Peppercorn Sauce, Spinach and Tomato all served on a Pandasal Bun

Big Bull

House made AAA Alberta Beef Meatballs and Herb Au Jus served on a warm Cradle Dog topped with Tomato, Romaine, Bully Cheese Sauce, and Pickled Red Onions Knife and Fork required!!!

Chicken Taco Caesar Salad

House Made Caesar Dressing, Romaine, 4 Cheese blend, Salsa, Sour cream, topped with fresh seasoned Hutterite Chicken Breast, all served in a baked Tortilla Bowl

Veggie Wrap

Fresh Vegetables mixed with Spring Mix, Spinach, Bruschetta, Coleslaw, 4 cheese blend in a Whole Wheat Tortilla

Cheeseburger Macaroni Soup


Cream Cheese Pork Burger

Local Alberta Pork, ground and seasoned with Chefs blend of spices, mixed with herbs and cream cheese, seared and served on a warm pandasal bun topped with creamy mozzarella, bruschetta, lettuce and basil aioli


Double Chocolate Cookie Cupcakes, filled with Peanut Butter and topped with Chocolate and Bacon

Chicken Cobb Burger

Local Hutterite chicken ground and seasoned with chefs blend of spices and roasted corn, served on a warm bun with lettuce, bruschetta, bacon, hard boiled egg, 4 cheese blend, guacamole and sweet pea aioli

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